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IRS Tax office in Michigan

Michigan Department of Treasury Resources.  From income tax to Michigan Business Tax information, the Michigan Department of Treasury has the resources your need this tax season: http://www.michigan.gov/taxes

IRS Exempt Organizations Site.  Search here under “Tax Info for Business/Exempt Organzations” or “Whats New” to learn whether an exempt organization qualifies for the charitable contributions deduction and its limit: www.irs.gov

Tax forms and tax-related help

Federal Forms. You can download Federal tax forms from this site:

Michigan Forms. You can download forms, instructions and publications, Business and Individual here:

Frequently Asked Questions: http://www.irs.gov/Help-&-Resources/Tools-&-FAQs/FAQs-for-Individuals/Frequently-Asked-Tax-Questions-&-Answers/

Estimators and calculators

Property Tax Estimator. The Millage Rate database and Property Tax Estimator allows individual and business taxpayers to estimate their current property taxes as well as compare their property taxes and millage rates with other local units throughout Michigan:  http://www.michigan.gov/taxes/0,1607,7-238-43535_43540—,00.html

Financial Calculator.  http://www.cpaclientcenter.com/calculators.cfm

Software downloads

GoToMeetingCodec: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/codec?Portal=www.gotomeeting.com
Adobe Reader: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

General Business and Financial Sites

Bloomberg News Service.  Comprehensive, up-to-the-minute financial news.

International Trade Association.  This is the home page for the ITA, dedicated to helping U.S. businesses compete in a global marketplace. www.ita.doc.gov

Business Startup Resources.  Apply for an Employer Identification Number online:  http://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/Apply-for-an-Employer-Identification-Number-(EIN)-Online

CNNfn Interactive.  A financial supersite brought to you by the financial branch of CNN. Check here for up-to-the-minute general business and financial news. www.cnnfn.com